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Yoga for Sports Warm-Up Wind-Down Sequence

July 31, 2014
Yoga for Sports Warm-Up Wind-Down Sequence

I was at the snow last weekend and reminded of the value of this simple sequence to warm up and wind down before and after skiing. Skiing imposes such a sudden intense work out on the body – and mind!! – that it really helps to prepare the body, prevent injury and release tension from heavily worked areas afterwards. Your body will thank you.

You can use this as preparation for any sport, running or even a simple walk.

In every day living this sequence is helpful to release tension in hamstrings, hips and lower backs after walking or sitting at a desk / long car journey. As this happens daily it’s helpful to release daily. I also used this sequence daily a few years ago when I went through a period of a very fragile sensitive lower back. A life saver.



2 thoughts on “Yoga for Sports Warm-Up Wind-Down Sequence”

  1. Karen Jones says:

    Hi Lucy,

    Great video. Sound really good.
    Looking forward to more. Hip opening video would be greatly appreciated too.
    Namaste Karen xxx

    1. Lucy Andrews says:

      Thanks Karen for your feedback, appreciated. Noted re hips – will do xx

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