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Morning Yoga Sequence

July 10, 2014
Morning Yoga Sequence

A simple and accessible 20 minute quick Yoga Sequence to wake up to, energise and get set for your day. Or use it to stretch out and ease tension at the end of your day.

Move, energise, be still, ground and focus . . all elements that add value to the experience of life, relationships, yourSelf, your day.  Yoga, even a few minutes, is a wonderful counterpose and balancer for repetitive movements we do every day. We often don’t notice an area of the body until it becomes troublesome. Movement or asana circulates energy around the body, shifts mind space, grounds and centres, awakens areas that are stagnant, centres areas that are wired.

The great good balancing act of yoga! An essential ingredient for your self-care and health SFYHeart small

Enjoy a yoga practice that serves you







2 thoughts on “Morning Yoga Sequence”

  1. Caroline Kades says:

    Just completed your morning sequence – a lovely start to any day! I’ll be recommending it to my husband too

  2. Lucy Andrews says:

    Thanks Caroline, glad you’re enjoying it! Lucy

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