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Create a Space to Sit

May 8, 2014
Create a Space to Sit

As SoulFoodYoga became close to going live I considered where to begin with Soul Connection blogs. One of my most consistent and helpful daily practices is to sit, pause and be still. So I thought to I’d share with you why this is and how you can create your own special sitting space.

Why create a special space to sit?

We live in a current climate where we value ‘busy’. People are busy. Lives are busy.
Are you tense, physically, mentally or emotionally stressed? Are you anxious, energised or tired, sleep well, react or respond, present, grounded, distracted?

A space to sit gives opportunity to ‘see’ what really is. An opportunity to become aware and understand the barriers that keep you tense, isolated, separate – from yourSelf. It generates less stress and greater health.

Whether it’s a cushion in your lounge room or sitting in a chair, meditation develops a space for you to connect with yourSelf.  A valuable space where you can check in and feel where you’re at physically, mentally and emotionally. It develops the ability to look within and see where your energy and attention is directed, where you’re settled, where you’re rattled. Or simply here, present, inspired, angry, tired or energised. . . grateful.

To sit and be present can feel challenging, confronting, uncomfortable. Perhaps for the first time, you hear the noise of your thoughts in your mind, and feel the ‘charge’ of emotions and reactions flying around the nervous system and body.
Regardless of technique or no technique, there is space to pause, breathe and be. Space to see any pattern of reactions helpful to reveal where tensions and stress lie. Emotions and reactions offer valuable feedback to where we hold, block and protect ourselves from inner truth.

It is the nature of mind to have thought. In yoga this mental activity is called chitta, monkey mind, one thought hopping to another to another without us even being aware of this process. Before you know it the mind latches onto a thought and you’re swept along into a whole story of events. It can feel as if you are those thoughts and emotions. This is exhausting and contributes significantly to stress.

A space to sit gives a space where you can be with what is, a space where you can pause, literally give yourself a ‘breather’ and sit with any emotional, mental or physical feeling and see where it guides you.

With stress, anxiety, depression and loneliness increasing to epidemic levels meditation is a real contender worthy of your time.

A big misconception that your mind will become instantly quiet. This can lead to people saying they ‘can’t meditate’. You can’t not meditate.

Creating a regular space to sit will give you a grounded base to check in and be present. As you connect with your breath, you connect with your body and yourself. Because thoughts arise constantly and emotions, reactions and circumstance come and go, it’s wise to tune in daily, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Meditation is a daily ‘good morning’, reality-check to be present, aware and connected.

Here are 5 Easy Steps to Create Your Special Space to Sit

  • Nominate a regular time each day – even if it’s 10 minutes to begin with. Decide on what is manageable, commit and you will receive the benefits
  • Set up a space in your house – mine is simply a yoga mat and folded blanket in the middle of the lounge room, cushions on my bed or a rock by the ocean. A designated space will encourage you to develop a regular practice. Don’t get too attached to how the space has to be, look etc – just nominate space. Once it’s a part of your daily life it’s fully transportable and goes with you wherever you go
  • Be comfortable and warm – have a folded blanket or cushion to sit on, so you feel supported as you sit. Have a wrap or blanket to ensure you’re warm
  • Turn off distractions such as your mobile phone or email notification on the computer
  • Do it anyway ie whether you feel like it or not, regardless of who else decides to get up early! Bring with you a willingness to sit, be present and cultivate a habit that is helpful to you, to your living Life and returning Home

And in this way you can learn to appreciate yourself, who you are, as you are – right now.


Namasté, Lucy x

2 thoughts on “Create a Space to Sit”

  1. Hollie says:

    Some great advice!

    1. Lucy Andrews says:

      Great thanks Hollie, glad it’s helpful. Happy sitting

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