About SoulFoodYoga

About SFY

Welcome to SoulFoodYoga!

SoulFoodYoga is a healthy living lifestyle integrating three key elements for your vibrant health and energy.

It brings together soul inspirations, delicious whole foods and  yoga into a practical tool kit to nourish and inspire your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, with LOVE

Accessible yoga for you to move and breathe by, soul to integrate your heart and soul connection, and the delicious nourishment of whole foods . . . Practical things you can do your every day to feel energised, inspired and alive!

SoulFoodYoga is a healthy living lifestyle, accessible to You now.

With L O V E

Namasté, Lucy

What Our Clients Have to Say

“Thanks Lucy.. I felt truly great all day!!! I love your classes, they’re strong but gentle.. I enjoy holding the postures and breathing into the space, it opens up the mind and muscles. A great way to start the week…”

Lara A

“Thank you so much Lucy for a wonderful yoga session today. Before I arrived I was feeling very tired and a bit second-hand and left feeling much more energized and raring to go! You are so gifted Lucy and I’m so privileged to be able to enjoy your wonderful gift. Thank you.”

Libby, Sydney

“Lucy has been a truly inspirational guide to me over the last few years. Not only through our yoga sessions but through my own life journey. Lucy’s personal approach connects with everyone at the place they’re at on a particular day.”

Sharon, Sydney

“I have been attending Lucy’s classes for a couple of years now, initially I went so I could be flexible enough to play golf without having back pain. It has been well over a year now since any back issues, I continue to go because I enjoy her classes. She is a wonderful teacher.”

Paul B

“Thank you for a beautiful Intensive Lucy. It was so special because you brought so much of “you” into the classes. I loved the way you created a calm atmosphere and encouraged each of to go within and explore . . The cherry on top was sipping your delicious teas after class and tasting your amazing jam drop cookies! So delicious!! Your hands-on approach is so beneficial to guiding our postures. Thanks again Lucy, I loved the Intensive!!”

Jenny S, Sydney

“Lucy’s genuine love of yoga and self healing leads to truly inspirational classes. Her clear instructional narrative makes learning yoga fun and easy. Lucy’s teaching comes from a space of caring and connecting with each student. Learning yoga with her has helped transform my life in so many positive ways both physically and spiritually. I thoroughly recommend anyone contemplating learning yoga to go and see Lucy!”

Philip Grist