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About Lucy

Welcome to SoulFoodYoga

I am inspired by health – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Always exploring elements that contribute to feeling alive, energised and present, and that help to alleviate stress and be real – here, open, now.  All are intertwined and it’s the embodiment of these elements that I love and share my experience with you.

SoulFoodYoga has been my mission over the past 3 years.  Longer really as all my the study, work and lifestyle choices since I was a teenager have been towards this.  It’s my utmost inspiration to bring these elements together, to guide and inspire you  to live a healthy living lifestyle.  This is what I love doing, living, breathing . .

Yoga, meditation and natural whole foods are essential ingredients in my healthy living lifestyle mix.

Fascinated in food and health since teenage years, I’d walk home via the health store after school. Intrigued to understand how best look after the healthy running of this incredible vehicle of the body, I used to spend hours pouring over books on food and nutrition, going for runs and playing sport, a very conscientious health head.

In 1987 I discovered yoga after bouts of back problems and was instantly drawn to practice. I loved the feeling of the postures in my body and centered presence in my mind and emotions. Yoga became a saving grace in my life when I came back to the mat after what was an intense personal period in my life where the wheels fell off big time. This began my discovery and learning about the powerful mechanics of mind, emotions, heart and soul, to which I’m incredibly grateful.

I sincerely and joyfully hope that the love and inspiration of SoulFoodYoga offers a valuable contribution to promote your optimal health and a vibrant Life.

With L O V E

Namasté, Lucy


A Bit more Bio

I offer a range or workshops including organic vegetarian cooking and yoga days, yoga workshops and workshops to delve deeper mentally, emotionally and spiritually towards ‘Building a Steadier You’.

In 2005 I completed my yoga teacher training with IYTA (International Yoga Teachers Association).

1996 marked completing a Diploma of Herbal Medicine with world-renowned herbalist, Dorothy Hall. I practiced herbal medicine for several years on Sydney’s northern beaches. Inspired by the fresh vitality and therapeutic gifts of herbs I made herbal medicines and range of teas, which is now part of SoulFood Teas.

First arriving in Australia I worked as a food editor and stylist for books and magazines. I then co-owned an organic restaurant in Sydney.

University years were in Bath, UK where I majored in nutrition before traveling from England to live in Australia.

I love organic homemade muesli, peppermint raw dark chocolate, brown rice and seaweed, comforting Chai tea, a great organic coffee, apples, seeds, nuts and berries (sure I was a bear in a past life) and a calming chamomile tea. A good creamy spicy dahl in winter is an all time favourite. I love getting up early to see the sunrise and walk along the beach, a few salutations to welcome the day. I love breakfast with my son, a Skype chat with my other son in London and dinners and life with JT.  I love learning to Trust, to lighten up and take life less seriously and more joyously. Most of all I love moving through challenges that hold us back opening to the fullness of our Truth.



About Lucy

About Lucy

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