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zazen Alkaline Water

zazen Alkaline Water


zazen Water provides you with Quality Alkaline drinking water.

Buy now and we give you zazen Alkalinity & Antioxidant Enhancers FREE – valued at $39.95

Shipping is FREE with this order.  Please tick “Collect from Class” when you come to Shipping Options and this can be delivered DIRECT TO YOUR DOOR.

Drinking filtered alkaline mineral water is foundational for longevity & wellbeing as it:

  • Enables cellular hydration
  • Restores the pH balance to the body
  • Creates cellular energy flow & vitality
  • Assists with elimination of acids & toxins
  • Allows the absorption of nutrients into cells
  • Assists in the prevention of disease
  • Improves performance & focus
  • Allows better quality sleep

This all helps you experience more freedom in your body and on the yoga mat!! Hydrate before and after class with quality zazen Alkaline Water. Hydrate and feel great  SFYHeart small

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