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TOOL KIT For Relaxation and Meditation

TOOL KIT For Relaxation and Meditation


Your Survival Kit for the Road to Nirvana contains:

  • Pure cotton eye pillow filled with organic lavender and linseed
  • Relax and Be Here Now fragrant blend of organic Lavender and Lemon Balm Tea. Ancient herbs that help reduce anxiety and stress with a lovely quality of bringing you into the present moment
  • Relax and Be Here Now aromatherapy spritz. A carefully crafted calming and uplifting blend of pure organic essential oils to calm and awaken.
  • Yoga Nidra deep relaxation download + CD for inner bliss.
  • Exclusive Swiss organic chocolate to delight.

The first 100 kits also contain a special crystal from a personal collection of crystals originating from the famed spiritual community Findhorn in Scotland. The crystals vary in size but no in significance and may be a Quartz, Staurolite or Fluorite.

Your ultimate relaxation kit.

Handmade in Australia.